About Lykz!

I am Angelica Beronio from Manila, a simple woman with full of dreams. I'm spontaneous, random, and Gemini in a flesh. 


I am a foodie but physically not obvious. I love ice cream and chocolates, just like ordinary girls. When I was in college, I made a promise to myself that someday I'm going to eat in every restaurant/food houses that I want to.  I am so glad that I am currently achieving it. Japanese food is my favourite cuisine, and yes I am in love with sushi/sashimi. Cooking is now became my hobby,  because it is a no.1 rule of having a married life (yes, I am the wife of Emman a.k.a Keldong, a very loving husband). ​

A photographer wanna be, I love to capture places and people. I love to travel and explore things. My camera is always with me every time I travel, "my camera, my best friend" kind of thing. I love capturing sunrise and sunset as they are my favourite time of the day. Every time I take pictures of the places I've been to, I always keep them as my remembrance and the best memory I got.

-Mrs. B