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1st Wedding Anniversary in Taiwan

February 17-20, 2018 - Celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary in the beautiful country of Taiwan. Another Keldongs’ travel slash celebration of forever love.

Taiwan, another Chinese country and well-known for being modern with more hospitable, kind, and smiling locals. They treat foreigners well and always have a helping hand. Feels like you are very welcome in their country, you’re at ease every time.

Taiwan offers no visa requirement for the Philippines from November 2017-July 2019, we came up to the decision to go here. As we are thinking of what country we should go to celebrate our anniversary, and we’re glad to celebrate it in Taiwan. Believe me guys, you will never regret visiting this country.

We booked a beautiful and cozy hotel in Taipei, the Artree Hotel. As we came to celebrate our anniversary, so the hotel should be a romantic and beautiful one. It has the best Taipei 101 view, a nice ambiance, a very good breakfast buffet, and a jaw dropping bathtub view. We totally love the Artree hotel. Yes! If you want to see most of it, click this link.

The bathtub view

We arrived in Taiwan early as 11 AM with our PAL flight, the first thing we did was to checked-in into the hotel and deposit our luggage then explored Taipei city.

Taipei 101

And here is the first agenda. Taipei 101 is one of the tallest buildings in the world and literally has 101 floors wherein you can see the beautiful city of Taipei. It has shopping malls, restaurants, Observatory, VIP floors, Communication rooms, and etc. A really world-class building.

Hello, Taipei 101! You are really tall in person huh?!

Inside the Taipei 101 building

When I see colours, all I do is strike a pose! (btw, Thank you milk tea for keeping me productive all day)

FYI guys, Milk tea is everywhere! Taiwan is a country where milk tea originated.

And because we don't have enough sleep, we go back to the hotel early as 4 PM to take a rest and experience the bathtub beautiful view. This indeed the relaxation we need! Oooh we love Taiwan.

Got my best photographer! Yey! I love you Keldong! ❤️

For more hotel pictures, click here!!

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