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Cebu, Baby!

April 1-4, 2015

Cebu is the place where we celebrated our 5th keldong LOVE. And guess what, we have chosen Bantayan island, at the north of Cebu and stayed there for 3 days. At first, we don’t understand the Cebuanos language but then Emman can understand their language in a minor fashion since there is a quite resemblance with ilongo dialect normally used in his hometown.

Lovin’ Fifty Shades of blue

Mactan-Cebu international airport is one of the best airport in the Philippines

From the airport, we rode a taxi going to North Bus Terminal then the bus took 3-4 hours to Hagnaya port then another 1 hour via boat going to Santa Fe. From Air-to-Land-to-Water kind of travel just to reach Bantayan Island.

The Santa Fe port

The crystal clear water of Bantayan

Coucou Bar Bantayan Island Hotel & Restaurant

Sunset moment in Bantayan

Good Friday in Bantayan

On the 2nd day, going to Virgin Island.

The man of my dreams, he is so lovely in this shot! I love you, Emman.

Virgin Island, beautiful beach with white and fine sand

The island deserves solo pictures ;)

Octong Cave view, we are unable to swim inside the cave because there’s a lot of people inside of it. Instead, we had taken an opportunity to look at the stunning view from the Ogtong Cave Resort.

I love view always

After exploring Bantayan island, we also visited Cebu City.

The famous Sto. Niño Church of Cebu City

Colon Street, oldest street in Philippines

Lapu-lapu shrine - Cebu is one of the historical places here in PH

And that is our 5th-anniversary adventure. Had an awesome 8-hour trip from Manila to Bantayan island on our 1st day via air-land-water trip. That was a complete adventure! Bantayan nights like eating “isaw”, walking in the streets of Bantayan, and seafood tripping every day. Been to the oldest church in VisMin, the St. Peter and Paul Parish. And also enjoyed the Cebu city tour like going to the famous Sto. Niño church, Lapu-lapu shrine, the Lechon Cebu experience, and passing by to the oldest street in the Philippines, Colon Street. If I will go to Cebu again, I’m going to visit the Southern part of it because there’s a lot of beaches and beautiful attractions, too! Thanks, Cebu! Until Next time. #5yearsofkeldonglove

You can visit the page for the accomodation in Bantayan Island: http://www.ilink.ph/coucou-hotel

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