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Officially at Palawan Camping

March 31-April 02, 2016 - Toby and Thelma’s Island Camping After Emman’s Proposal, we decided to announce our engagement officially at this very beautiful island of Palawan.

I know many people were happy for us and some were shocked. But still.. I don’t care if they have their negative reaction, because for me “I am the happiest and luckiest girl in the world.”

So here.. The “Palawan camping” as they called it.

Our trip was a bit tiring yet pure of adventure. First, you need to ride a van traveling from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton that will take 3-4 hours on the road. Transportation cost is 300 pesos.

If you can see that white house from afar, It is the Villa Evergreen Bayview where we stayed last December 2015.

Once arrived in Port Barton, someone will pick you up and take you for a 40 minutes boat ride to “Palawan Camping” island.

So here is our cute little tent, no air-con nor fan, no tv nor radio, it’s just “You and Me kind of days”. lol (no electricity, no phone signal, just cold water and bed! yay!)

It’s our first day, then niknik (sand mites) already made those red marks. Why oh why?? I think my blood is so sweet like me? :P

Rise and shine, baby.

Every morning, we walk and make a memory.

Everything is calm and light. What a beautiful day to relax and forget the world.

The island dog

At this point on the island, we have our cellphone signal and can surf the internet as well. The island is not a total unspoiled, just a minimal part of it. yey!

We also have our sunset session, an hour of talk about me, about him, about our future, our wedding, everything.. At that moment of our lives, we also thank God that we have each other and blessed no matter what. That was also one of the sweetest moments we have.

“You and Me under the Sunset”

Our getaway was so amazing! We love every part of it! Everything came perfectly.

Those 2 nights and 3 days we spent on the island, I will surely miss the sands, waves, stars, sunset, sunrise ( I think I should mention “all”) I will go back here and spend more days and nights with Emman and Friends or Family.

Bye for now and see you soon, Palawan Camping (Tandan Beach)

Here is the site and contact details for you to have a reservation:

Palawan Camping: http://www.palawancamping.com/

You can also visit them in TripAdvisor about their reviews.

Visit and Enjoy! #ExplorePalawan

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