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SURF it Baler, Aurora!

June 12-14, 2015 - Long weekend!

Baler, Aurora is the place where we celebrated the Independence Day long weekend (June 12-14, 2015). Baler is well-known for its surfing beaches. We took a hard time going here, bus reservation is needed to have a comfortable trip. A first-come-first-serve basis. Well, they say it is more fun if we experience the more adventurous side of every travel. We're just unlucky for not having a reservation. Almost midnight at Cubao Bus Station, we traveled 4 hours to Nueva Ecija, then another bus ride to Baler. We arrived at 9 in the morning then we headed to our hostel, the room price is 1, 500 pesos per night with ac and it is also good for 5-6 persons.

View while going to Baler (Canili-Daiyo Dams and Reservoir)

The not-so-prepared surfing experience in Baler, Aurora. Well, it was totally fun!! “Expect the unexpected” kind of travel.

And this is it! On my third try, I finally made it! Yet I’m very nervous about that picture, lol. But it was really fun!

Wow! my first ever surfing experience! So glad I made it!

My sister, who really loves surfing so much

We also tried the Baler’s lobster at Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw & Seafood - one of the famous eateries in Baler.

Baler's famous lobster

Bird’s eye view of Diguisit beach

Diguisit Rock Formation

My Baler moment, Adventure seeker

Experienced the running water massage at Caunayan Falls, so cool and refreshing!

Enjoyed the ATV ride while sun sets

Ermita Hills' breath-taking view

It was totally a fun, exciting, amazing and superb experience in Baler. I love it! A total adventure always awaits on this beautiful place. Yet long trip, but still exciting. The views, the experience, and the food are so great!! You got to love this place. :) ‘Til next surfing season, Baler!

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