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Hello, Hong Kong! 🇭🇰

May 22-25, 2016 - My 27th birthday celebration

Hello, Hong Kong! soo... First thing first! We ate Chinese food, because why not?! There's a nearby restaurant from our hotel. And btw, we stayed at Ibis Hotel wherein we can see the Victoria harbor.

Ibis hotel in Sheung Wan

Ibis hotel's beautiful overlooking view, if you can see the tallest tower that is the Sky 100 building.

Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour

At 12 midnight, keldong surprised me with a small cake and a gift for my 27th birthday! He gave me a Polaroid camera, yey! Emman is really sweet, so sweet!

On the 2nd day.. I celebrated my 27th birthday at Disneyland. And finally, got a chance to visit this happiest place on earth. I feel so young when I entered Disneyland, it brings back my childhood memories. It also feels like I was dreaming. I will never forget the Disneyland parade and it's fireworks, I almost cried when I saw it. That was so magical!

The Disneyland Castle

Disneyland's Storyland

Our stay in Hong Kong was very limited, because we also visited Macao (next to my blog) on the 3rd day of our HK-MA tour.

Hong Kong's Central Station

Last night in Hong Kong (shot taken from our room in Ibis Hotel)

I hope to see Hong Kong again, I know there are so many places that we still need to explore and experience and I am looking forward to doing that soon!

Note: I'll be doing also a separate blog for my Disneyland experience, wait for it!

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