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One day in Macau 🇲🇴

May 24, 2016 - My post birthday celebration.

Visiting Hong Kong means visiting Macau, too! Macau is a very small country, a quiet one yet beautiful. It is also well-known for its casinos, that's why they called it the "Las Vegas of Asia". So glad that we have also our Tita Joy (My mother's friend) who lives in Macau. She accompanied and guided us on our Macau day tour. And now, Tita Joy is one of our Godmothers at our wedding. She is very cool and she even fought a rude Chinese guy to defend me. (The story behind the Chinese guy can't be shared here, sorry guys :P)

Venetian Macao, a luxury hotel and casino. It is also the largest casino in the world, wow! When I entered the lobby, I felt like I was in a castle full of gold because of its color. Then, when I saw the little Venice inside of it, I was amazed by the interior that really looks like a real sea of clouds but that is only an art. I love it!

​The Venetian Macao

The food street going to the Ruins of St. Paul, what a delicious way of walking in the street where you can have all the free taste. It is everywhere, yesss! As in everywhere! Happy tummy, Happy tourist!

Macau's best egg tart

One of the best tourist spot of Macau, Ruins of St. Paul (and that's Tita Joy!)

​San Malo, Macau

​Macau Studio City

One of the reasons why we also visited Macau is to see this cute panda, though Hong Kong also has pandas we decided to see it here. It is my first time to see this fluffy, big, adorable and sleepy-head panda.

How to be a panda? How did it feel like to be Panda? Please answer me, guys. :P We had a great day in Macau, hopefully, next time we can spend more days here and experience the five-star hotels and more food trips! Thank you, Macau for a day of the experience.

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