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Pre-wedding shoot in Palawan

November 05-08, 2016 - our first pre-wedding shoot in Palawan. And so... it means.. that it is already months away to our Wedding day, 4 months in a total. A two-day shoot in Sunrise Mansion with the team of Dyan Collo Lifestyle Photography and Mike Guayco films and with our coördinator and Ms. Prency Colorina, a Palawan based Make-up artist. At first, we don't know what poses we should do to have a relax and natural movement for our pictures and videos, Dyan and Mike instructed us to be more spontaneous, relax and just have fun. I'm just glad that Me and Emman able to do the photoshoot in my dream place, "Palawan".

We did four categories of our pre-wedding shoot, first is "Couples by the beach with our colourful/floral outfits"

Taken on our first day. A super tiring yet exciting day for us. Posing and acting like you are a model "ika nga ni Emman". Then, we just realized that it is not easy to be a model. Lol! Well, Emman has absolutely enjoyed it as he's the one saying what pose should I portray. And I noticed that Emman is just a professional man in any way. (Plus 100 pogi points! Can't wait to marry this guy!)

Second, "save the date via Message in a bottle". We woke up at 4 am to prepare for our formal shoot by the beach. It was a great morning to start our long day.

Can't wait to marry you!

Third, "Coffee session". This is so Me and Emman as we always have our everyday coffee time.

And lastly, "Bonfire of love".

At this moment, Emman played a song using a guitar, then that night became so memorable for me because having a bonfire, sounds of waves in the background, a night full of stars and the man you love sits beside you is really a perfect night for me. Ahhhhh his giving me so many reasons to love him even more!!

P.S. I'll be posting our BTS photos of our pre-wedding shoot

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