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Wedding Preparation - Part II

How my Wedding Preparation Goes - Part II

Wedding Coordinator - Hannah's Party and Plan it

Yes, we badly need a coordinator! As we will be having a destination wedding and we are not going to be hands-on in every detail we need for our wedding, the key is to hire a coordinator. So.. The search is on!

The goal is to have a local wedding coordinator that also working in Palawan. We searched online and even asked friends if they knew someone who can be our coordinator. Until one day.. the owner of Oasis Villa referred to Hannah’s party and plan it who handled by Cristina. So that was the answer to our problem! We contacted her and made online appointments. (Post the fb page)

Hannah's Party and plan it, we communicated via facebook, text and phone calls. Of course, there were a couple of times for our face to face meeting with the coordinator back then when we were in Palawan for our pre-wedding shoot. She also brief us and provides overviews of her wedding designs that vary on every couple's budget. I and my former fiancé who's now my husband chose the applicable wedding design that could fit our financial budget and at the same time that will be beautifully perfect for our wedding destination.

Wedding Videographer - Mike Guayco Films

The struggle is real! This is the crucial moment for me and Emman, others say or wish to have a beautiful and perfect wedding. But for me, I want our moments to be captured perfectly, magical, and romantic! So we need the very best videographer, Of course, our first option is Jason Magbanua, well, maybe in our silver wedding not, for now, maybe we can afford him already! lol. But I must say, his works are really worth it. So, back for the search for the very best videographer in TOWN! Thru facebook and some recommendations from our Palawan friends, we heard about Mike Guayco, a fairly new established wedding videographer from Palawan. Though, he has been working as well out of the country shoot. This guy is indeed what we've been looking for! Of course, I and Emman reviewed his works and it's really amazing. We have also known that he undergo apprenticeship under Jason Magabanua's team. He even had the chance to work for Jason as an aerial shooter from a wedding in Palawan. Then we decided that we will hire him as our official videographer.

Wedding Photographer - Dyan Collo Lifestyle Photography

The struggle is real part two! Lol. Same case with finding a videographer. We actually had two options already, it's either Dyan Collo Lifestyle Photography or Fotogold Creations. These two are Palawan based photographers, they are also the best in town! Our tie breaker is who's the most affordable between the two. Then that is, Dyan Collo Photography, our official wedding Photographer. Her works are also beautiful and eye catcher. I love their light colours on how they make the pictures look so dreamy. Dyan Collo's team are also accommodating and kind same with Mike Guayco's team. They also offer the best wedding package.

Wedding Hair and Make-up Artist - Make Up by Liah

Actually, prior to my planning of my wedding I really eyeing Make Up By Liah since then. Her works are totally beautiful and she's really a professional make up artist. She experimented on different looks, took advanced courses at a makeup school, attended workshops and seminars and was able to work her way in the industry doing makeup for Magazines, TV, Print Ads, Weddings, Corporate Events, and Photoshoots. And also, I contacted her right away when we decided when and where would be our wedding so that she can be available for us. And in that moment, I'm really excited to experience her work of art.

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