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Pre-wedding shoot with our best friends/dogs

December 17, 2016 - Dogs' day! yey! Of course, our pre-wedding shoot won't be complete without having photo opportunities with our loving dogs, "Fanny, Babash, Sha -sha, Gozo and Garp". Hashtag #Squarfgoals, lol!

Our kind of squad goals - Sha sha - Garp - Baba - Fanny - Gozo

We're just lucky that my sister Aian has a friend who's willing to do a free photoshoot with us. His name is "Paul", a very kind and sweet friend of my sister. The photoshoot was held in U.P. Diliman with the help of our Uber Friend Driver "Mang Jaime", he's also a very kind man and always easy to contact if ever we want his service. Thank you Mang Jaime for being available for us all the time, God bless you always.

So, when we say photoshoot, I need a Make up artist too. And guess what, I hired "Makeup by Liah" to do my make up that day. As she will be also my make up artist on my wedding day! Liah is very good with her customers, she's chatty in a way to avoid her customers to be bored, she can assure you that you will become beautiful at your event, she's professional and customer-friendly.

I love Liah's work, *feeling so pretty!!*

best friends for life

Thank you for all the persons involved in our pre-wedding shoot with dogs, it was a great morning for us and tiring one for our dogs. You guys are the best! These pictures and experiences are worth sharing for and one of the best memories with our best friends/dogs.

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