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Garp's 1st Birthday!

December 19, 2016 - It's Garp's 1st Birthday! Wow, time flies so fast parang dati lang ang liit mo pa, then now super big na! Of course, we simply celebrated his "barkday". We bought him a dog cake from Barkin' Bakes Healthy pet treats and we also bought shanghai rolls and pancit bihon for us "hoomans" in Max's Restaurant.

Cute picture of Garp looking in his dog cake

Garp's parents and Tita Hannah

by the way, please meet my friend "warp" (in that picture) lol

More chew bones to chew, more poop and urine to wipe, and more snoring moments with you GARP! Wishing you also to be a good and loving dog to us, your parents. We love you, baby! - Love Daddei and Mommei

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