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My Surprise Bridal shower

January 07-08, 2017 - Yes, a surprise bridal shower happened that night of January 07, 2017. And here's the story..

It's me, Lili, Ella and Rio setting a girl's night out in a hotel where we can swim, drink, eat and laugh all night. Then, Me and Rio set to see in Megamall to meet Lili and Ella too. But at that moment, I'm wondering why Lili and Ella didn't show up at our meeting place. And they said that they are already in the hotel to secure our booking before 6 pm. Me and Rio with his boyfriend who accompanied us from Megamall to Richmond Hotel Ortigas.

At the Richmonde Hotel, Lili and Ella are waiting for us in the lobby. On our way to our room, when I opened the door.. someone shouted, "Surprise!!!" It's Ate Iris and her voice that lingers in my ears that time, lol. And I got surprised when I saw Dyanne and Hannah were there too! Wow! But wait there's more when I open the master's bedroom, I saw Aian lying on the bed because she's sick and Mama on her side. I've got mix emotions at that time, seeing my sister not feeling well and they decided to go to the hospital to have her check-up. That made me sad.. But still, I don't let them go right away without taking our group picture.

Then the party begins, Lili and Ella are in-charge of the Bridal party program. I'm just so flattered and feeling lucky to have a friend like them. The time and effort they made for me were so exceptional. Lili also made the souvenirs of my bridal party, auggh I really touch of what she did. The program is very organized, all are able to participate in the games that Lili and Ella listed.

We have too many foods that night, another "feeling special" moment for me. I'm just so glad to have friends / ex-officemates like them. That's why they're incomparable. I always miss hanging out with them. I miss the time when we are in the office (Citibank) laughing and bullying each other. I miss being with them during lunch or dinner time at the office. We've been office mates for 3 years and I always knew that they're just not my colleagues but will always be my friends, especially Lili, my mentor and eventually became my trusted friend/best friend.

It was really a super fun night! They even gave me speeches and advises before entering the married life. I cried with happy thoughts. Got bursting emotions that time. Thank you Ma'am Iris, Ma'am April, Ma'am Grace and Ma'am Ann (My Ates') and Sherly, thank you Hannah and Dyanne, Thank you Aian and Mama, Thank you to the master of ceremonies Lili, Ella and Rio and also Emman, Thank you for being also part of this surprise bridal shower for me. Nice ninja moves huh?!

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