• Angelica Beronio

The Wedding day - Part II

February 18, 2017 - The Wedding Ceremony

And here comes my groom, looking very calm and excited.

Our beautiful Entourage

The moment that I’ve been waiting for.. Walk in the aisle to marry the man of my dreams. I am a bit nervous but still wanted to chill.. so that I can be confidently beautiful on my wedding day. So, here it is.. The most beautiful walk that I've ever done in my life..

All smiles and a happy heart in a perfect moment

“Crying while walking in the aisle is a sign that you are very happy and contented in your life.” I am happy because I’ll be with the man that will love me forever. And of course, I will love him forever. This is one of my crying moments on my wedding day.

I am so glad to see my love ones smiling and some are crying too. That moment was too emotional, GRABE.

The wedding ceremony went smoothly with bunch of tears of joy and a lovely aura, that was a very emotional day.

That's it! I am officially Mrs. Beronio ♡

And the fairytale continues..

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