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The Wedding Day - Part III

February 18. 2017 - The Wedding Reception

Always our first dance

We started dating since 2010, yet this is our first dance. "First dance with my forever"

Picture taking with family, friends and relatives ♡

Releasing of doves. Eating of wedding cake. Wine toasting with the Best man.

"My sister, my best friend".

The most crying moment on my wedding day, when my sister delivered me her sweet yet emotional speech ever in her entire life. LOL. As she started her speech, my tears can't stop on falling like hers. Auuuggh This really touched my heart. "Ate, Wala na akong katabi matulog, at kausap bago matulog para ishare mga nangyari sakin"; "Nung nakita kitang kinukuha mo unti-unti yung damit mo sa cabinet kase lilipat ka na kay Emman kala mo okay lang sakin pero napakalungkot ko non kahit sinabi kong iwan mo sakin yung iba mong damit". Those are some of the messages she said to me that night. The bond that we have is unbreakable, we are like twins or best friends. Yes, It's really hard for me too of not being with her every time when she needs me, but I promised her even we're apart, I m just a call or text away to listened to her stories/rants everyday. Actually, I'm her walking diary.

Then, here's also some of the best part of my wedding.. First, The wedding garter, game on!

The boys enjoyed the game yet there were also planned tactics, that resulted in Maichi to be the chosen one to do the Garter thingy with the bouquet winner.

Second, the bride's bouquet. There's a little twist for this game, in a traditional wedding, catching the bride's bouquet will be the chosen one to partner with the groom's garter winner. But this time at my wedding, once the flowers were thrown by me then someone didn't pick them up, that will be the winner. So here, you will see the reactions of these beautiful girls.

And the winner is.. my sister! HAHAHAHA. finally, we didn't plan this one. LOL. Even if this looks like planned, but NOPE. :P My girl friends just bullied her and made this as the result of the game. hahaha!

And let the game continues.. The most kilig part for me! Maichi and Aian, plus the teasing of the people around. LOL.

How do we look? With them "bagay" winners ♡

Lovely messages from love ones

Very thankful to have them on our very special day.

People behind my Wedding, Thank you all so much!

A very beautiful day, indeed. The happiness that we've felt will forever be in our hearts. We are so thankful for having these bunch of love from them, showing their sincerity and happiness for us through their presence. Thanking them so much for their effort and time they gave to us just to witness our wedding or should I say I really can't thank them enough.

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