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The Wedding day - Part 1

February 18, 2017 - Our Big day!

This is the most awaited and probably the happiest day of my life, My Wedding. Every girl's dream is to marry the right man at the right time. I'm just one lucky girl to marry a man who really loves me so much as I do. It took so long for me to be with the right person that I know will change my life. I've been too many heartaches and painful experiences that really taught me a lot about LOVE. Before, I am always praying to God that when will I find THE RIGHT ONE. I'm just very thankful that God gave me, EMMAN NOEL BERONIO, and now.. my groom. -Lyka 👰🏻

My life was pretty boring and nothing much to look forward to, until I met her, when I'm just praying for an angel to be in my life, then God gave me you, and one of the greatest and happiest moments is marrying her. I know she's definitely the one, I just feel it, I make her laugh hard, I make her cry few times, I argue with her, but still part of my undying love for her. I just want to be with her, spend precious time with her, care for her. Now endless opportunities and more adventures to look forward to with my wife. - Emman​ 🤵🏻

On the day of my wedding, I woke up smiling at 6AM. I slept beside Mama and Aian just to cherish the moment with them while I'm still single. On that morning, Me and Keldong didn't see each other for us to be excited for our wedding. Everyone's up so early and preparing for the event. Then, the sun came out and smiled at me, which I knew that it's gonna be a beautiful day. ✨

Got these wedding ideas from Pinterest

The Groom's preparation

Best man (Carlos) and younger brother of Keldong (Dandan)

And he's waiting for me..

Can't wait to marry you and kiss you in front of all the people we love.

Keldong's family and relatives

The Groom and his groomsmen - Dan, Drin, Carlos, Emman, Mac, Geo (left to right)

The Bride's Preparation

My wedding gown by Bridesdream collections

When love is in the air

Mermaid Wedding Gown ✨

Thank you so much, Make up by Liah

Priceless moment with my bridesmaids

Lovin' the back details of my wedding gown

My Beautiful Family

My very supportive and beautiful mother

My Maid of honor, alalay for short! (kidding), loving sister of mine

Beautiful Bridesmaids (Vien, Dianne, Me, Aian, Alex, and Hannah)

At this moment, I am a bit nervous as I'll be walking in the aisle to marry the man that I really love the most.

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