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Blue Mountains Sydney

Blue Mountains Katoomba Sydney

The Scenic World Blue Mountains, It was named after the natural blue haze created by the vast eucalypt forests. From Sydney’s Central Station, the train trip is two hours to Katoomba, where there are buses for the short trip to Scenic World. More about Blue Mountains, click this link.

Our first ever trek together! Wow! First in Australia. 😉

That big blue photo bomber on our back 💙

And that is the Three Sisters Rock formation

Why so even pretty?

A secret garden in Blue Mountains

My favourite spot in Blue Mountains

A very lovely picture

Thanks for the camera timer once again, you never fail to take a picture of us 📸

A perfect day to explore the Blue Mountains in Katoomba, Sydney. Tiring but still one of the most recommended things to do while touring around Sydney. Since our first time to trek together, we enjoyed every moment of it. Hearing the birds chirping while walking around the mountain. Taking every step while holding the hands of each other. Breathing out the stress I have in the Philippines, Breathing in the good vibes that Australia gives to me. A really nice place to unwind and reflect.

Note: It's not actually and literally "Blue Mountain", it's the atmosphere of feeling the blue vibes that really gives compliment to the scenic view. It's really remarkable and worth visiting for.

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