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Foodtrip in Japan 2019

Ichiran ramen, Ueno station

And here's a snap of my #LykzToEat adventure in Tokyo, first stop ICHIRAN RAMEN!

To experience Ichiran ramen is really a great idea on your first day in Tokyo, Japan. Though long lines are part of having this cuisine, it's really worth the wait! Ichiran ramen has many branches in Tokyo so you can find it everywhere. Seriously speaking, this is the best ramen I ever tasted in my whole life. So, I'll give this ramen house a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. And btw, Ichiran ramen is one of the top ramen restaurants in Japan.

Sushi Zanmai located in Tsukiji market

The mouth-watering Revolving sushi experience is also on our top list while in Tokyo. It's just that we're lucky enough to find sushi zanmai easily 😅 it's near the entrance of the Tsukiji market. This is so good especially when you are so hungry after your long walks touring the city or should I say "always good to eat!" And yes, bucket list checked! Sushi and sashimi are my favorite Japanese food, my comfort food. 🤤

Gindaco, Odaiba mall branch

And lastly on my #LykzToEat list in Tokyo, TAKOYAKI!! I would like to emphasize, Japan has the best food to offer! This takoyaki is very appetizing. 👍🏼 Just a tiny food yet will get your tummy really happy. Best Takoyaki I have ever tried. Sorry to say, here in the Philippines I don't find the real taste that I am looking for like in Japan. So, it's always good to try Takoyaki when you're in Japan.

Japan Japan, you never fail to surprise me. I know there are so many cuisines to taste and this #LykzToEat adventure in Japan won't end, I Promise!! I'll see you soon, You always have my heart 🇯🇵♥️🤤

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