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You might be wondering what my title is all about, but this is just about my experience working in ANZ. 👩🏻‍💻 Here's a picture of myself when the day I won an award in one of the company's year-end party.

September 2017, ANZ Year-End Party (best dressed winner ☺️)

1st team photo

I really had a great opportunity working in the company, the new experience, salary, and even the people I worked with. I've been so thankful to be part of ANZ. I am able to have that work life balance kind of work. I am able to travel a lot personally and that's what I really liked about working here. 😬

Here's my colleagues turned into friends. (Cess, Leanne and Royce.)

As part of our yearly activity in the company, we also did some voluntary work:

For my 4 years and 3 months of serving the company, I learned a lot and saved a lot. 🤣 Lol. Just kiddin'. I learned so much in application software and that's really a great start to experience something new which I know will help me to grow further when it comes to IT field. Well, ANZ thank you for the memories and experience that you gave me. I know all of us in the team were able to grow! LOL. 😅

Thank you!!

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