• Angelic Gemini

Boracay's food hopping

Boracay's Oyster sisig is really a must try when you are in Boracay! I love it so much! I like eating sisig, whatever kind of sisig it is! lol. But this one is really good. You can try this in Two Seasons Boracay Resort/Restaurant. And even this Sizzling Bulalo is a good one. You better try these luscious foods that Boracay can offer. 🤤

We also visited Boracay Station X and found this cute ice cream shop, Supermagic. They offer ice creams, milkshakes, fries, burgers and other sweet pastries. This spot is perfect for Instragram. 😉

So there, 'til next time Boracay! It was so nice to see you. 😍

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