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Baba, my best friend 🐶

Appreciation post for my dog best friend, Baba.

Baba is one of Fanny and Tintin's cute babies. Actually, they are 4 named Baba, Bebe, Shasha and Bubu. Baba is the oldest and became my best friend.. And here's why..

When I was in college, we moved from Bulacan to Quezon City (Kamuning) for us to be near in our University. So, that time we also brought them with us, because you know.. we can't live without them. We also treat them as FAMILY. Like everyone says, Dogs are Family. Then one day, I came home from school then Baba accidentally bit me on my palm. As usual, dogs are always excited to see their friend/love/US every time they are left at home. In that moment, Baba was really excited as she follows me from the door going to the stairs to change my clothes, then she jumped on me and accidentally bit me. (Oh well, that's normal when you have dogs) That was also the time I experienced having my first anti-rabies vaccine. LOL. 🥴 After that happened, Baba and me started to have that special connection. LOL. Maybe the blood that connects us when she bit me that day.

Long story short, Baba and Keldong also became best friends. She always loves seeing Keldong. Every time he's at our house she's always the first to wiggle her tail, then once Keldong seated on our couch then Baba will go on his lap and stay there all day. She's really a sweet cute dog. Also a bright one, too!

As we grow old, it is also the time for me and Baba to have separate ways. Eventually, I got married to Keldong. So it means, I am not able to be with her and see her every day. I also felt that separation anxiety. It's just that I am not used to it, as we were together for more than a decade. Whenever I have time, I always visit them, hug them, and kiss them very tight. Ahhhh I love dogs so much!

Baba ❤️

January 30, 2008 - October 4, 2018

Then, the day has come.. Baba left too. She's now my angel dog. Actually, they are my angel dogs, Bebe, Tintin, Fanny and Baba. It's really sad, very sad when they're gone.. And you know what, we always keep in mind that "they are our happy thoughts". And it's important that they became happy with us.. I Love you so much Baba, Babashing, Babash, Basingsing! I miss you so much! 🐶 --- Love, Ate ❤️

"Thank you Bebe Tintin, Fanny and Baba. -- Love, De Leon Family"

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