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Bali Beaches

Seminyak, Bali

Spent the next day on the beach, toured around Seminyak. Then we saw these beautiful and colorful umbrellas beside the beach, The Double six and La Plancha Bali. And you know, I am in love with colors! So my eyes are happy once again. YEY!

Tourists always longing to relax in a beach view, read a book, talk with friends, eat and drink while having fresh air, and a tranquil vibe on a vacation and Bali have all of these!

P.S. Seats around Seminyak beachfront is not free! Either you avail beverages or any food in restaurants then you can sit and relax, Or you just pay to sit.

And here comes Bali waves, looks like Baler of the Philippines. LOL. Same sand, same waves.

Jimbaran, Beach

After exploring Seminyak, we had a wonderful dinner at Jimbaran beach. The most popular spot in Bali for dinner by the beach, where many seafood restaurants line the water.

Not just the seafood, we also had this Bali sunset

A delicious dinner to end a day at Jimbaran Bay Seafood club

By the way, if you are wondering how the transportation for this day was, it's easy, we just booked a Grab. Yes, Grab is also available in Bali, Indonesia. It is also a useful ride touring around Bali. But be cautious with the places because there's a rule also in Bali that Grab or even taxis need to avoid the RED ZONE areas where tourists need to ride in an allocated car available in those places. Grab or taxis in Bali are good kinds of transport when you are also having a DIY tour.

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