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Days before the Wedding

February 15-17, 2017 - 3 days before the BIG DAY! yay!

February 15, As we arrived in Palawan, time to rush all the things that we need on our Wedding day. We arranged everything, very stressful yet manageable and we still enjoy it.

Let the day begins!

February 16, The day my family and cousins arrived in Palawan. I am very happy and excited at that time when I saw them at the airport. I really loved it seeing my family complete for this very important event in my life!

We booked them at GO Hotels which is near Robinson's Place Palawan. After they checked in, we toured them around the City as scheduled. First stop, we went to Rancho Mitra to experience the breathtaking bird's-eye view of the city and some islands surrounding Puerto Princesa. After that, we also went to Baker's hills, it’s a mini theme park well-known for tourists, seeing my nephew’s Alas and Spade enjoying the place and playing around with my parents, siblings and cousins was truly a priceless moment! And lastly, we also visited the Crocodile farm. Alas and Spade were so brave that time, huh! They were not even stuttered of the big crocodiles while walking above its cage. Wow! These two boys really enjoyed the tour, proud tita/ninang here! After the city day tour, the next stop, dinner at Beronio's house. It’s time for bonding moments like eating, laughing, talking and having few drinks with each other, the “De Leon-Beronio” peeps. That was a long and tiring day, I’m very happy and fulfilled. One of the best days with my Family.

The gloomy weather before my wedding day

February 17, 2017 - Arrival of my relatives. It was also the day we checked-in to our wedding venue, Oasis Villa Resort in San Rafael, Puerto Princesa. So here it is.. The day before my wedding! WOW! The place is 1-hour drive from the city. My family and relatives was amazed when they saw this beautiful place. Reactions like, "wooow!"; "Ang ganda naman dito lyka!"; "Magkano kuha niyo ni Emman dito?"; "Ang Ganda dito 'nak!"; "Ang sarap naman dito, ate!" These reactions from them made me feel how they really appreciate the place, the upcoming wedding, and the bonding that we will be going to have in the following days staying in Palawan. Another Happy day with my loved ones.

Eating, singing, dancing, swimming, drinking and laughing all day. My cousins got drunk before my wedding, Guess who got wasted that night?! lol. Can you guess, guys? :P

Oasis at night

That night was really fun, the karaoke and drinking sessions with my cousins and friends. Tita Joy and Lene arrived too! So it's only Ven and Lene from my high school friends who attended my wedding. And also thank you to Aldrin who made it to Oasis that night, he's really a good friend of Keldong.

So there.. Can't wait to share stories and pictures of my Wedding day!

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