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Bondi Beach Day

Before I start my awesome experience in this famous beach, here are some pictures while going to the beach. The unexpected photo walk though. LOL. Thanks to my not so patiently waiting self, if that's not happened we can't do some photo walks. 🤪 Sometimes, walking is really great, as you can appreciate and experience more of the place. Bondi beach is just one hour away from Mascot Central via train. Once you reach Bondi junction there's free bus ride going to the beach, but as said I'm not patient that day as there was a really long queue just to ride the bus and we assumed that it will take longer hour while waiting, so we decided to walk.. and walk.. and walk going to the beach. Well, we didn't regret that experience, it was really fun. We saw jacaranda trees along the way, more restaurants, and cute walls too.

And this is what we actually looking for, the bulldog graffiti. A year ago, I saw this beautiful wall from someone I followed on Instagram which helped me to find where this is, so here in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. It eager me a lot to go here, as it is also one of my bucket lists to visit the Land down under. And I just can't believe, I already saw this amazing wall art. W-O-W! It really looks like Garp! It's just a few blocks away from the beach. So glad to finally took a picture of it!

Pinch! Pinch! so cute wall!

Just another day at the beach. And you know what is special on that day? It's Australia's famous Bondi beach!

Before, I always read Bondi as "Bondee" but it's wrong, it should be read by this "Bondie'. If you can see, the beach is a surfing spot for Australians. But Bondi is for everyone, from swimming, surfing and sunbathing to a spectacular coastal walk and many delicious places to eat. It has also beautiful graffiti all the way to the beach front.

The Spectacular Icebergs Bondi beach, a saltwater pool with waves crashing over the side. What a beaut isn't?!

The Sculptures by the Sea in Bondi, world's largest exhibition of sculptures by the beach, also means that it's the start of Summer in Australia.

Super cute buddha that we found uphill and one of the most photographed sculptures by the sea.

Enjoying the long walk to Bondi beach deserves a cute couple picture of us.

The beach deserve this colourful and cold ice cream

Australia's famous burger fast food, The Hungry Jacks'

The Australian life, the life I am dreaming of. ✨

What a very relaxing day it was. Spent the whole day at the beach, ate the food that we want. Sitting on the grass while looking after the beach. Walking on a white and fine Australian sands. Hearing the sound of waves. Listening to people's chat. Overlooking the great Australian view. Hoping that one day, we'll gonna live here..

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