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Christmas in Palawan 2018

December 23, 2018 - Princesa Garden Island Resort & Spa is really a good place to relax on holidays. We spent overnight here to celebrate the wedding anniversary of my in-laws. And yes, we made the right choice! The place is beautiful and the food is good too!

And it was a productive Christmas day, we did shooting for the first time. We also went to another resort just to have our Christmas lunch. 😬

Aziza Paradise Resort

Going home in Palawan is always a reward. Eating, Sleeping, Relaxing, and going to the beach are the best things that Palawan can give. 🍃

Talaudyong beach

This was the time when we went on a beach in a sneaky manner. LOL. Thanks Dandan for driving us here. Hope you can still keep this as a secret. 🤫 Me, Keldong, Aian, Drin and Dan spent almost spent a day here just to experience another beach. Also thanks to Aldrin for taking us here as we really didn't know where else can we go on our last day.

Okay, that's it for another Palawan experience. Until next time. 🥰

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