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Food trip in JAPAN 🍣

April 07-15, 2017 - Everyday is a food trip day! We love you so much Japan, thank you for making us full in every bit of our travel. Here are the food pictures that will make you drool.

Foods from JAL, I'm not in Japan yet but JAL gave me already a taste of Japan! (so excited!!)

Disneyland goodies!

First ramen we ate in Japan, Thank you Tita for the treat!

Roasted Turkey in Disney Sea! (our first time to eat this delicious Turkey) Lovin' the Pasta in Disney Sea

The moving sushi bar experience, This is really the best food trip ever! WE LOVE SUSHI and SASHIMI SOOOO MUCH!!

I believe in love at first bite! Do you? I love you so matcha!! Pablo in Akibahabara

Our "baon" going to Osaka, Onigiri is life

The Dotonbori food trip

The yummy butter beer of Universal Studios Japan We love pasta and pizza as well, LOL

And here, Finally got to experience the Coco Ichiban of Japan! Not a really fan of curry but Keldong totally love this! (Coco Ichiban, Osaka)

The best matcha ice cream!! Matcha every where 💚

Tonkatsu in Kyoto, Japan

The most pricey Dinner we had in Japan, Sukiyaki experience in Gion, Kyoto

Whoopsie! Our kind or merienda while in Shinkansen going back to Tokyo. 😋

Lovely deserts in Shibuya train station

Ramen date before heading back to Manila

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