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Food trip in South Korea

Love this lobster with cream cheese, Myeong Dong's top seller food

The food trip in Myeong Dong was really great! There are a lot of food and you'll drool over and over. This is literally heaven in Seoul. 😋

The 32cm ice cream cone in Myeong Dong 😍 I really love ice creaaaam!

Samgyeopsal in Daegu, c/o Ven. Yay!

Daegu's croquette (heading back to Seoul)

And here's the popular "CoffeeSmith" café in Itaewon, A café used in Koreanovela "It's Okay, That's Love". Good food and good coffee.

A nice place to chill in and watch sunset (Itaewon, Seoul)

Samgyeopsal dinner before going back to Philippines, Going to miss the food trip in South Korea

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