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Jacaranda, The Dream Tree

Unfamiliar, right? Well, this is really one of the best trees that Australia has to offer, The Jacaranda tree. Originally, it was from Brazil and a long way back, the seeds of this tree have been distributed and Australia is one of the lucky countries that can have this amazing tree.

They said, this is a Dream tree, and yes it's a really dream came true when I saw these bunch of eye-catching trees. Purple trees, lavender trees, lilac trees, call it whatever you want. Because for me, seeing the Jacaranda trees was the best part of our Australia trip! I've been seeing pictures of how lovely they are on my instagram feed couple of years ago, and been wanting to go here since 2017. I'm so impressed! As you know, my favorite color is Purple/violet/lilac/lavender. I was really happy that day. And I can't explain the love at first sight I felt last November 2018.

📍 Kiribilli, New South Wales

Kiribilli, NSW is the neighbourhood wherein many Jacaranda trees can be found. Just like in this picture, It is more beautiful if it's in a full bloom. Auuugh, I wish I can live here. Australia is giving me so many reasons to love the country. Phew! Hopefully.. Someday.. 🥰

TBH, I really have a lot of selfies under the Jacaranda tree 😝

And this is the man behind my amazing pictures, I love you like Jacaranda tree 💜

Happy heart 💜

Feels like I'm in a dream

I can sit here all day, watching the leaves fall. Day dreaming under the dream tree. Seeing people taking a lot of pictures with the Jacaranda tree. Oh Dream tree, please grant my wish to be with you someday.

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