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Jiufen and Northeast Coast of Taiwan

Hello Northeast Coast of Taiwan

A stunning route with a lot of coastal landscapes: rolling grass hills, high rugged cliffs, sand beaches, pebble beaches, rocky terraces and windswept peninsulas.

Another Klook activity, you may find it here and experience this via clicking this link. 😉

Looks like Batanes of the Philippines, Spectacular Northeastern coastline

An incredible view, Nanya Rock Formation

Lovely views

Glimpse of Jiufen, only a few pictures as I wasn't able to take a lot because of so many people were here. Really unexpected though. Phew. 😪 This made me sad, it literally didn't meet my expectations because of Chinese New Year holiday. (That’s why 😅)

Me and Keldong don't really have any couple picture in Jiufen

But still, Jiufen got a nice view!

I will find you wherever I go

Finding sunset is really one of my travel hobbies and I'm just lucky to witness this one. I captured this sunset while in the car going back in Taipei. All I can say is that Taiwan has the best views and Taiwanese are really great people, you will totally love them. Thank you Taiwan for giving us the relaxation we need, Thank you for spoiling us with your smiles, Thank you for making our travel worth every second. You are really a good neighbor to Filipinos like us, a great country indeed. xiè xie, Taiwan!

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