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Seoul - Last Day

From Daegu to Seoul, KTX is one of their transportations that offers intercity in Seoul. It took 2 hours going back to Seoul from Daegu.

Busy people, busy country as well and That Train to Busan face of my husband, so I took advance by taking a picture of him. LOL


We went to Itaewon to find some souvenirs and unexpectedly saw this CoffeeSmith coffee shop that we used to watch in "It's Okay, That's Love" Korean series. Well, we tried their coffee and cake. The ambiance is good and the coffee as well.

Enjoying the streets of Itaewon


And yes, another cute-girly-colorful store! Another instragrammable place. LOL. Line Friends have featured characters based on the stickers from the messaging app Line. They are so cute in person, though really cute also in stickers. *blink

They are so fluffy, I wanna take them home!!

I was amazed by this store, It's a big four storey one full of cute things. My eyes are full once again. I enjoyed window shopping so much. LOL. A purse with the cute face of Brown was the only thing I bought here. Well, what's really in my mind is to buy all the things that I want to get. If only.. but no.. Maybe next time! HAHA. But yes, I will do it next time when I get back to Seoul.

We booked in Pacific Hotel, Myeong dong. For booking inquiries, please check Agoda and Bookings.com

And the saddest part of traveling, "checking out". Thank you Pacific hotel for a very good service and a relaxing stay. And of course, Thank you so much South Korea for a very wonderful experience! You just don't have a finger heart, but also a pure heart that can make people fall in love with you. Sarang hae, South Korea! We will be back, promise!!

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