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My Bali Birthday

My 29th Birthday in Bali, Indonesia

Yup! I am officially 29! LOL. But still looking young and proud. HAHAHA. Celebrated my birthday in Bali randomly, because my first option is spending it in Thailand with elephants. 🐘 I really did research about Bali and Thailand, got so many days of comparing these two countries, and All I can say is that they are really different from each other. Both are beautiful, I know! And yet I chose Bali, Indonesia.

Why Bali, because why not? Our first time to visit a tropical country just like the Philippines, as we always wanted cold weather like the countries we had visited before. Bali almost has the same weather with the Philippines, it is hot! But it is hotter in the Philippines. And by the way, Balinese also looks like Filipinos. Yes, it is! As we arrived there, they actually thought we are locals. And because Bali is still in Asia, that is normal. Well, proud Asian here! 🙋🏻

Spent almost 5 days here from May 22-26, 2018. Our itinerary is not that well-prepared like we used to while touring the country. And yet still managed to do it so we availed a Private Car from Klook on our first day, then we toured around Bali. And here are the places we've been to.

Balinese Batik factory

Bali's best and popular clothing. Batik is an original Indonesian textile. Batik designs like flowers, plants, birds, butterflies, and other symbolic things that Indonesia has. The factory showed us how to make Batik and how this livelihood helps Balinese to earn a living.

Silver Factory

Just like Batik, Bali is also rich in silver where they also trade this to other countries and one of the sources of their livelihood. The factory has amazing structures, before entering the museum there’s a reminder that the camera is not allowed inside, however, the silver museum got the best silver made and really fascinating.

Cute door in Silver factory

Pura Taman Ayun temple

And here's the start of Temple hopping on my birthday weekend, first is Pura Taman Ayun temple and one of the top temples in Bali. A huge royal water temple and has a calming vibe where you can relax and feel the temple's serenity.

And btw, if you are wearing shorts above the knee, the temple requires to wear a sarong while touring around the temple as a sign of respect. (Just what I did)

And of course his signature pose lol

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