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Nami Island & Petite France

Nami Island

November 03, 2017 - A rainy day going to Nami island. The meeting place is near in Pacific hotel, riding a bus going to Nami's point then a boat to reach the Nami island.

It's our first time to use Klook, as we really don't have any idea how to go to Nami Island. I read and research a lot but it seems hassle for us if we do the commute thingy. So glad to found out Klook! We availed Nami island and Petite France tour for one whole day. You may try to see how it goes, by clicking this link. All details are also here.

Touch down Nami Island, what a rainy welcome! LOL

The rain stopped. And here's a glimpse of colorful Nami island.

Beautiful trees, Beautiful people.

Keldong's ice cream moment in Nami (I love his weirdness)

Can't leave Nami without a kiss and a couple picture

A picture of a known Korean novela (Stairway to heaven - Cholo and Jodi)

The Nami island looks like a big park where you can relax, eat, chill and capture every moment. And after this island, next is Petite France.

Petite France

Petite France is a new attraction aside from Nami island, you can add it to your itinerary as well. As said, you can try to book this trip in Klook.

A french-style cultural village, also a place for Korean drama settings.

Colours, colours, colours.. My eyes are full 👀

And here's my man with the nicest view from Petite France

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