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New Year in Araceli

Simple life in Araceli

Celebrated New Year in Araceli, Palawan. Yes, Araceli! Another Palawan's municipality, where my husband's relatives live. Araceli is one of the hidden gems of Palawan, a very quiet yet beautiful place. You can relax, meditate, and just be yourself. It has a simple way of living. Also, a place where you can eat a lot of seafood. It has also small islands with white sands, unique rock formations, and a very beautiful marine life.

It usually takes 4 hours to go here in Araceli from Roxas port. So, add 2 hours if you come from Puerto Princesa city. The best way to visit the place is the summer time, from March to May. But in my experience, Going in this beautiful place while Christmas season is really not that good, I actually got exhausted that almost took 8 hours boat ride going here, yeah it's really a difficult time if waves are higher than you expected as the boat can't make it go fast as you want, but then the sailor needs to slow down to make the riders' safe, so "safety first". After long hours of travel, seeing Araceli at my first glance, it's really worth the wait. As said, it's simply beautiful.

Amazing sunset view from Beronio's house

My first motor ride with him, exploring Araceli

This island life that I want

Big waves of Tinintinan beach

Last selfie for 2017, lol

And now, Hello 2018! Their tradition every New Year is island hopping/beaching. And here's my first island hopping for 2018 with the Beronio Clan. *Oops, got no pictures with them, only me and my husband always.

Beautiful start

Araceli is indeed a hidden gem of Palawan. Waiting to be discovered and unveil its true beauty. Visit now and experience Araceli!

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