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Annyeong South Korea 🇰🇷

November 01-06, 2017 - Annyeong haseyo, South Korea!

1st day in Seoul, checked-in @ Pacific Hotel, Myeongdong. SoKor is home of the koreanovelas and I admit I am one of the avid fans of those cute Korean series. Since I'm in high school, I really love watching it. And now I still can't get over that I've been to South Korea already and I spent 6 days and gave me more reasons to like the country so much.


Our hotel view is perfect as we see the Namsan Tower right in front of our window.

Waking up in Seoul is a good idea. It feels like you are waking up from your dream. And so, our first agenda is to visit Lee Min Ho's shooting place near our hotel and Namsan tower. While on our way, we saw this beautiful wall and reminds us our wedding, so we took the opportunity.

Every cute walls deserve a picture

A quick stop to see Heo Joon-Jae's house in Legend of the Blue Sea. The house is really cool, even though I am not able to go inside but it is still beautiful outside! I wish to see him in person too! lol. Yep, I am a fan of Lee Min Ho. 😍

The Korean drama feels! #LOTBS


Our first time to ride a cable car going to Namsan tower. A nice way to see the beautiful Seoul in Autumn season. You may see this link if you wanna try riding cable car on your trip to Namsan Tower: http://www.nseoultower.co.kr/eng/visit/traffic2.asp

And here we are at the top, so here are the love locks in Namsan tower. Actually, this is Keldong's 2nd love lock place, first in beautiful city of Paris. And now we locked our love together in this beautiful city of Seoul.

Lock the love you want to be

Finger heart and Love locks

And here's myself, doing some Korean look. lol

A glimpse of Seoul from above


I SEOUL YOU in Yeouido Park. A cute place to chill in. Aside from that, it is beside Han River which is also popular in Koreanovela dating scenes.

Han River date, feels like we are in Korean Series


And yes, I also went to a pretty pink pool café in Myeong-Dong, say hello to "Style Nanda". This Korean store is popular of its girly stuffs like Korean make ups, dresses, bags, and etc. They also have pretty café inside! Try to visit this cute store.


Before I am not that fan of Korean foods, yet we just learned to eat it lately because of the Korean series that we've watched, sample food like the Samgyeopsal. Korean foods are also healthy like Japanese foods. Then, this was the time when we had our first Korean street food trip in Myeong Dong.

Food night out and look who's enjoying it! Food is Life.

Oh I love Myeong Dong, the place got it all for you! Literally, the food, shopping, and everything.

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