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Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

Hello, Australia! 🇦🇺

The Land Down Under.

Yes, it was surreal, we've been to this beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. Hello Mate! What a beautiful trip it was. Until now, I really can't believe I've been here and able to experience the life down under. This happened last Nov 03-08, 2018, yeah.. just a short trip then! But really worth it. This is somewhat special compared on our last trips. Wanna know why? 🤔 Secret muna! 😝

Okay, let's begin.. First day, do I need to write down what we did on the first day? lol. Obviously, who will not put Sydney Opera house on their itinerary as the first thing to do while in Sydney? Well, here it is!

The Sydney Opera House

Since 20th century

A dream come true. From my coloring book that turned into reality. A really fascinating experience, literally left me speechless when I saw this famous architecture.

Actually, we have so many pictures with this amazing structure, but still we chose to keep it in private 😜 You know, for keeps!

And as said, this was a really special trip. 😉

The Harbour Bridge

One of the most iconic bridges in Australia, The Harbour Bridge. Hopefully, by next time we can able to climb it to the top. Yes! The actual scenery in contrast with the pictures we see online is really worth it, just seeing the bridge adjacent to the opera house is very memorable and breath-taking. You can climb the bridge for you to see the beautiful Sydney from above. Info here!

Darling Harbour

A good place to chill and see the beautiful skyline of Sydney at night. Not on our itinerary but we didn't regret seeing this beautiful place. Thank you, Wil and Zairee for inviting us on dinner and it was so nice to meet you guys! ☺️

After meeting Keldong's friend/colleague, went back to our hotel located in Mascot Central, the Meriton Suites. It is an apartelle/condotel. A very nice place to stay while you are in Sydney because there's a lot of restaurants nearby and supermarkets too, Woolworths to be specific. 😉 And by the way, Mascot Central also have Asian grocery store nearby. As you know, I can't live without rice in a day! And because of this, we did the grocery and cooking. To be honest, it helped a lot in our daily expenses. Grocery and hotel cooking are the key! 🤣

Feeling local in Australia

It was also our first time to cook/prepare our food while on vacation, as we usually eat at restaurants or buy some food. We realized that it is more practical to do it and not eating in pricey restaurants. You can have a lot of it instead of having only two or three pieces in a restaurant. Oysters! yes, Oysters is what I am talking about. LOL. We baked oysters for our dinner, its experimental and fun, plus you get the luxury of eating more than you paid for.

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