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I ♡ Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵

April 07-15, 2017 - Our honeymoon trip to Japan, we spent 8 unforgettable days in this perfect place. Yes, it was a dream came true. I just can’t believe that I’ve been to Japan already. Yay!

T O K Y O , J A P A N (Day 1 & 2)

1st Day - Arrival

We booked our flight through Japan Airlines (JAL) then we arrived in Tokyo almost late in the evening, checked-in @ Appa Hotel Kudanshita.

* JAL - They have an excellent service and the food is really good! So glad to experience flying with JAL.

* APA Hotel Kudanshita - booked the hotel through bookings.com; the hotel room is very small and can occupy only 2 persons. Perfect for sleeping hours only. Affordable and easy to find because there are so many APA hotels in Japan.

2nd day - Disneyland

The happiest place on earth, Tokyo Disneyland. Yes! My 2nd Disneyland experience. (4 to go?? LOL ) 😍

It’s rainy day and hard to stroll all over Disneyland as we are also freezing that time, the temperature gets colder and our jackets can’t contain the coldness that we are experiencing. Anyway, it’s still Disneyland. The rain don’t bother us on exploring the magical place. Japanese people are so sweet and polite, everyone is smiling that day. l love how they greet visitors/tourists with their big smiles. The way they say "hi!!" to people, the way they treat us, and all the good things they did that day was so overwhelming. It's just our 2nd day but I learned to love them so fast.

3rd Day - DisneySea

Woohoo! The must see, Disney Sea! Out of all the Disney parks this is my favourite!

Disney Sea has amazing structures and interiors. The ambiance is very different from Disneyland, a more matured theme park. Lol! That’s why it is more recommended for adults like me. A park where you should just chill and feel the beauty around you, a more relaxing one too! We spent only half-day touring Disney Sea, and probably we will be back. We are not yet over with this very beautiful theme park.

Venetian Gondolas

Toy Story Mania

Tower of Terror

American Waterfront

Mermaid Lagoon

Ueno Park

After Disney Sea's magical place, time to see the beauty of Cherry Blossoms or in Japanese term, “Sakura”. We went to Ueno Park, one of the places where Sakura trees can be found. The place has 300 acres filled with museums, temples, shrines and natural attractions. That day, we saw the beauty of cherry blossoms. Yes, it was our first time and won’t be the last!

Love under the Sakura tree

Akihabara / Akiba

As said by my loving husband, Akihabara is visually virtual, but the feeling is real. Sensing and grasping the anime culture, and the enthusiasm of the stores in every corner and you can see anime fans clinging to the fantasy is quite amusing, it's indeed an anime mecha.

Keldong's kind of Disneyland, Home of Anime

Last minute manga shopping @ Akibahara, which filled with anime in every corner. Some manga are purely written in kanji, good start if you want to practice your Japanese reading skills.

Tokyo Part II to be continued.. Next Blog is about Osaka. Wait for it!

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