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I ♡ Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 (Part II)

T O K Y O , J A P A N (Last day)

Our last day in Japan, can't believe we already spent 8 days exploring this very beautiful country. 8 days is really not enough, maybe 2 months is possible to explore more of Japan or I should say we could live here. Yes, we really want to live here, we fell in love with Japan so much, we admire Japanese people and we would love to have a Japanese way of life.

Exploring Tokyo in a day is not enough as it has so many eye-catching places and here are some of the places we went on our last day.

Tokyo Sky tree

One of the landmarks in Tokyo. Aside from Tokyo Tower, this one also has a very nice spot to see Tokyo from the upper deck. We've never got the chance to see the skyline, maybe on our next visit, we will do it. Sky tree still stunning after all especially at night as it has colorful lights.

Ikebukuro - Tokyo's oldest city.

Shibuya Crossing

The busiest crossing in the world. When you say Tokyo, Shibuya crossing is no.1 on the list to visit! It is also known as the Times Square of Tokyo. Imagine thousands of people are crossing directions here every day. It's really overwhelming! So happy that we've got a chance to cross and experience it.

Shibuya station is also known for the statue of Hachiko, so glad to have a picture with the famous dog

My Shibuya moment

Really a dream came true! We love Japan so much! We will be back and we will never stop exploring you, Promise! My heart is forever with you. #BestCountryEver #BestTravelEver

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